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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you help my child and what does therapy look like?

All cases are individualized to meet the child’s needs. At the first face to face appointment you will attend with your child and help provide historical details. You will both provide details on what is occurring for the youth/family and a discussion on what treatment options will be offered.
Once you and your child decide to enter therapy, then the follow up appointments are with the youth for approximately 50 minutes, followed by a parent joining to update. After 3-6 sessions, we will gather together again to discuss the therapy outcomes. A new treatment plan will be established at that time if ongoing therapy is necessary, or should another issue arise.

Do you accept adults?
At this time I am accepting adults into my practice but with limited spots available.

Do you offer family counselling?
As I believe that the parent child relationship is of utmost importance, I will work with the indvidual and their parent/s if there is a need. I cannot offer family counselling of siblings of the client etc.

Group Work?

From time to time, I will be offering group work with preteens and adolescents. In large urban centers it has proven as quite an effective treatment when working with children with similar issues. I hope to offer this to our community.

How Often will the session(s) be?
The first session is the parent(s) and child together. This is where history of the presenting problem and other pertinent information is gathered. This first session usually determines how often you would like to attend.  
It is often suggested that we begin with weekly appointments so that a quicker relationship can be established, and deeper therapy can begin sooner. Biweekly appointments suffice, however treatment may take longer.  

This first session will be approximately 75 minutes in length.
Follow up appointments will be approximately 55 minutes in length.

What if my child is on medication or I'm wanting medication?
Being a registered nurse I can help your family physician monitor your medication and it's effectiveness. I can work closely with your doctor to determine what is occurring and consult as needed.

What About Confidentiality?
Confidentiality is taken very seriously. Particularly in a small town, many parents and youth fear that their information will be shared with others. Please be assured that you and your child’s information will be protected.

My Confidentiality Policy is that all information shared with me by a child whom is age 12+ will be confidential and will only be shared to the parents on an "as needed basis". This is to ensure trust in the therapeutic relationship between your child and me. For example, if your child shares about a crush at school or details about their friend’s choices etc. these do not get related back to the parent. Most parents are comfortable with this given that:Confidentiality can be broken with ALL youth under these circumstances

1. IF your child is at risk of harm to themselves. If your child informs me, they are contemplating any harm to themselves then I have a duty to report this to the parent/guardian

2. IF your child is at risk of harming another person(s), I am bound to report this for the safety of all those involved.

3. IF there is suspicion of child abuse taking place, whether stated by the child or suggested, I'm bound to inform the proper agencies to protect those involved. 

4. IF your file is subpoena by the court of law, I would have to oblige to the standards of the law.

5. I work with a team of professionals whom offer case consultation. Knowing that everyone is unique and at times complex, this helps the therapist grow and provide you the best service available.

Do you do a face to face intake?
Intake Sessions are done over the telephone, where a brief discussion about the concern will be gathered and I will be able to explain what I may be able to offer.
At the first session, you will join your child for a more in depth discussion of your concerns.

What are your Fees?
Phone intakes are FREE
Initial sessions are $185/75 minutes 
Follow up sessions are $160/55 minutes 
Telephone Sessions are $49/30 minutes
Group Session are To Be Determined

Do You Bill for Phone Contact?
I do not bill for phone contact if the discussion is around rescheduling.
If you are calling to have a conversation about your child it is suggested that we make an appointment for you to come in so that you can have the time needed to discuss what is occurring and we can problem solve together.

How do you bill fees?
At the beginning of each session a parent must pay the session fee:
Cash,  E-transfer, Visa and M/C are all accepted forms of payment.

Insurance Coverage?
All Insurance companies are different. Please contact your service provider to see if this service is eligible under your benefits. 
Donna Mirus- Registered Nurse
Member # 69771

Hours of Operation?
I understand that parents often lead busy lives including daytime working hours. I've set my practice to accommodate these barriers. 
I work most evening hours and occasional weekend days. 

Cancellation Policy:
24 hours notice is required to cancel your scheduled appointment. You are required to have a credit card or bond cheque on file and sign authorization. A fee of $125 will be charged for missed appointments with less than 24 hours notice. 


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