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Relationship Approach


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Supportive Counselling:

Relationship and coping skills
We live in an age of fast paced daily tasks. So many challenges get in the way of truly enjoying our life. Some find it hard to find the right person to discuss the ups and downs with.  In this model, I allow them to share their negative experiences and work to build on their strengths to problem solve what may be bothering them.

Mental Health:

Assessment and Treatment
What if you are struggling with more than just the daily issues of living. If something more is going on, I use my skills to assess and determine if you in fact have a mental illness emerging. If this is the case then we work together to develop a treatment plan that is evidenced based and just right for you.
If you already have an existing mental illness, then we can develop a treatment plan that includes you in the process. I provide all the models that are effective in treating what you are dealing with, and together we create the plan.


Expressive Counselling:

Sand Tray Therapy
Some clients find it difficult to just sit and talk about one's problems. With expressive counselling, we use the medium of sand and art to allow the client to freely speak to what they are struggling with.  Much of our implicit memories are stored in our Right Brain, However, the Right Brain does not use language. The sandtray technique, gives the Right Brain a voice.
Then we use words to talk about what was created and process together.

(See Video Below)

Trauma Therapy:

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)
Trauma resides within most of us. Perhaps you didn't know that Trauma is stored in the body and can cause many symptoms including PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and more. 

Using Eye Movements, the therapeutic process used in ART takes a directive approach, while the content of the session is controlled by the client. ART helps desensitizes clients to their distressing memories and feelings. It replaces the traumatizing memory with positive emotions and cognitions in a relatively short time- even within 1-3 90min. session!
Who wouldn't want to feel better that quick?

(See Video Below) 

Sandtray Credentialed

I completed my Sandtray Therapy Credential in 2020.


Certified Therapist

I completed my certification as an "ART" therapist in 2021

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