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Parent-Child Relationships

Your being heard less these days and perhaps your child is spending more time in their bedroom and less with the family. These teenage years can be hard on the parent-child relationship. You simply asked them to unload the dishwasher and they immediately blow up with sighs and harsh words and attitude. Is it really about the dishwasher or is something else going on?

If you find yourself feeling distant from your child and you feel that perhaps it's something more than just being a "teenager", they I can help. 
Together we can gather information from your teenager in relation to their mental health. Are they struggling with something beyond just these normal turbulent years. 
In our session together, I will gather details of your child's life and consider what else could be the cause for their behaviors. Perhaps they are more irritable and sad. Or feeling anxious and lonely. I can help your child become more self aware and improve their symptoms, bringing them back to their old self. 

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