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Must you like it?

I sit here in Alberta during this covid19 pandemic and wonder if we will ever return to the "old" world. Everyone that I work with in counselling these days, wonders if things will ever return to what was. I know people are saying this is the "new" normal, but does that mean we must like it?

Must I like wearing a mask every where I go? Must I like watching my kids interact less and less with friends? Must I like the restrictions to sports activities? Must I like shut downs, skype meetings and physical distancing?

The simple answer is NO. You don't have to like what is happening around us in this world at this time. You can dislike this all and still abide by the rules. Don't run from your feelings, acknowledge them, sit with them and even befriend them, but the key is not getting stuck there.

Radical Acceptance is a concept I teach to youth and young adults. It's not an easy concept, in fact it's hard and one that requires a lot of practice.

Radical acceptance means that you don't have to "like it or agree with it, but that you'll choose to radically accept it to reduce your suffering?. You see folks, it's easy to stay in anger , at the restrictions, at covid, at whatever you place as "it" in that definition. But, this leads to suffering, leads us to remaining in a place whereby each day we hurt.

By radically accepting your "it", you can eliminate suffering and move to gentle acceptance. This is not giving in or submitting it's an act of choosing to be happier in your life.

We are in tough times right now and many are struggling. We are grateful that we are not in full shut down and we can continue to practice public health orders in our lives. We can protect our loved ones from this beast of a virus collectively and remain focused on ensuring our healthcare system remains stable.

But, here's the reminder- we don't have to like it, but instead choose to radically accept it! Help your kiddos radically accept what they are struggling with; model it and teach it.

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